The architect of modern and creative projects…


BBA Architecture have recently started to provide services in Antalya, it has become among the significant names of the sector with its different point of view in project development, quality service mentality and its dynamic structure. Although it was a short time after its establishment, the company which we see its signature in important projects, have proven itself by taking place in large scale projects such as hotels, shopping centres, residences. This strong name of the construction sector that sets a path for itself with a modern and different point of view, continues to grow with firm steps by carefully choosing the projects to do and companies to work with. The main factors within the company are; it is open to innovations as much as it is loyal to its principles, acts meticulously for the delivery of the job, the quality of its work meets the clients expectations, it is also very attentive to the issues such as providing creative and functional works as much as the delivery time of the job.


With its experience of many years and expert team, our firm concentrated on fine works that are left after finishing the main parts of the construction. In this direction our meticulous approaches offer a wide range of services. Therefore we attained success in our various sized projects by adopting all-purpose and flexible service concept in our services. The quality of our services arise from the importance that we give for the customer satisfaction.







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